Doing it how we want

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just/us is a collaborative effort by chefs who want to reinvigorate the restaurant industry and shift the fine-dining culture.

We showcase our own distinct talents and invite other local chefs into our space to do the same. Our tasting menu changes often depending on the availability of ingredients and the aspirations of the chefs. This is how we ensure a good experience doesn't become a stale one.

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service at 6pm, 7pm, and 8pm

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Our tasting menu changes often, allowing us to share our tastes and abilities with the public as they evolve. This time our tasting menu might be inspired by street food around the world, but next time it might be re-imagined classic Italian flavors - or a fusion of multiple culinary inspirations. We are constantly learning, altering, experimenting, and - most importantly - having fun. For the diner, the experience is always a brand new one. 

The floor is handled by us cooks, too. We design the courses and run them to your table. This makes for an environment that's energetic and spontaneous. The barrier between chef and diner is non-existent. We charge an automatic 18% service fee that goes directly to everyone who co-operates the restaurant, no matter their role. Everybody gets a share in the restaurant's profits because without /us there is no just/us.


The Team




On a dark and cold Tuesday evening, Nate removed his sword from the Iron Viscount, breathing heavily and feeling the fatigue from a long, and near fatal struggle. Wiping the blood on a nearby banner, he could feel the power from the viscount emanate from his body, when a bright flash of light streaked from him, and into Nate's chest. After a brief moment, the power was absorbed and it was over, and Nate turned to his loyal army and spoke:

"I'm gonna go open a restaurant because I literally have no idea why this happened, who you guys are, or what this is." 

Emily "Nickname pending" Hagen


Emily has many years in the restaurant industry, and is excited to be apart of our shenanigans. She's a natural jack-of-all-trades, a hard af worker, and a good friend. 



Samantha learned her trade at a bunch of restaurants in Minneapolis and St. Cloud, and that has prepared her to be the house badass of awesome street food, that being her passion. She's got crazy good attention to detail, unique tastes, and will likely turn you into a frog.

Mona "Omni" Negasi

Mona has not only a long and well established career in the restaurant industry, especially in the Lowertown area, but she's an incredible visual artist as well. She's in charge of front of house operations and social media, so give her a shout out.


Lil' Ol' JESSE Chil'


Jesse's background is well-rounded, but he really loves East African cuisine, especially that of Eritrea. He's also a rad comic book artist (ask him for his books, he'd love to sell them to you), and can throw down hard in any MTG game. You might hear us all scream "INFORMER!" because of him.