We Are Temporarily Closed.

We've been weighing our options as far as how to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic for days now. At first the challenge was staying open and viable during this time. But now, and more importantly, the challenge is protecting our staff, our clientele, the general public, and ourselves. We love this city and the greatest show of love we can think of is distancing our community from potential exposure. We were gearing up for patio season and so excited to unveil the updated spring menu but this is so much bigger than patio season (believe it or not). This is about compassion, safety, and social responsibility. Full transparency - we're scared of what this could mean for the future of the restaurant and the present lives of everyone it employs. But this is the right thing to do.
We won't be doing takeout orders. We plan to halt operations completely. We don't want to put ANYONE in harms way.
Right now, the plan is to close for two weeks (until March 31st). We will continue to monitor the situation and keep you all updated as our plans adjust. Wash your fucking hands FOR THE LOVE OF GOD. Take care of yourselves. We will see you on the other side of this.

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black and gold sketch from the walls of Just Us restaurant in Lowertown


just/us is a collaborative effort by chefs who want to reinvigorate the restaurant industry. We showcase our own, unique talents and feature other chefs from around the Twin Cities to show us (and you) a thing or two about food. Our menu rotates and changes as we feel, so a good experience won't become a stale one.

275 4th St E
Saint Paul, MN 55102



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What People Are Saying


"A fantastic experience filled with culinary creativity & a relaxed atmosphere; & one more reason to love the Twin Cities food scene."

Leif Kurth on Facebook

"The most innovative and delicious meal I've had in a long time! Just amazing!!! Each course was so wonderful, I can not pick a favorite. The ingredients were fresh and the seasonings spot on. The wine suggestion was perfect. An unforgettable experience!"

Nancy W. on Yelp

"Amazingly abstract ideas that really work! The owners are super nice to me every time and give TLC to each facet of their service!"

Chris T. on Yelp

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Reservations are not necessary unless you plan to dine with a party of eight or more people. To make a reservation, please give us a ring at 651.424.1080!

Large parties, depending on size, may be charged a section or room rental fee.


for hanging artwork and media requests: mona@justusmn.com
for music and event booking: jesse@justusmn.com
for space rental/general restaurant inquiries: nate@justusmn.com

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