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BEER (by/us.)

our current prix-fixe menu is available now and this time it's ALL ABOUT BEER! each course is made with beer - from beer cheese made with a belgian style dubbel to decadent stout infused buttercream. mmm. what. yes. we are also offering a beer pairing with each course. beer lovers unite! this one is for you. 🍻 

beer | march 13th - march 30th

how it works: for dinner services, reservations are not required but so appreciated! freshness of ingredients and minimal product waste are very important to us. being able to anticipate the number of diners better allows us to maintain that standard. we will accommodate as many walk-ins as we can and offer a la carte options for those of you who just happen to be in the neighborhood! 

dinner hours:

wed & thurs / 6pm & 7pm

fri & sat / 6pm, 7pm, 8pm

Our fixed price tasting menu changes monthly and always features fresh, locally sourced ingredients. Each menu circulates around a specific theme and includes six specially designed courses. Listed price applies to the current menu and is subject to change with future offerings. An18% service charge is given to the staff or reinvested back into the restaurant at the employee's discretion.