spring (by/us).


It's still *snowy as hell in Minnesota (( ~ eternal sigh ~ )) but TECHNICALLY it's springtime. With our current six-course offering, we're bringing together seasonal flavors that we feel best encompass the feelings that are often accompanied with spring's renewal. These plates are fresh, bright, dynamic, playful, and colorful! Expect a sort of unusual but amazing union of Mexican, Korean, and classic Minnesotan flavors. And also Italian. And a little bit of French... It's gonna be wild!  

~ ~ ~

*edit: The snow's all gone. There is a bright light emanating from the sky - could it be the sun? Not sure, we've never seen it before.  

Our fixed price tasting menu changes monthly and always features fresh, locally sourced ingredients. Each menu circulates around a specific theme and includes six specially designed courses. Listed price applies to the current menu and is subject to change with future offerings. An18% service charge is given to the staff or reinvested back into the restaurant at the employee's discretion.