street food (by/us).


“On the streets in Mexico, vendors roll a taco with their hands, and hand it to you with their hands… there is an intimate transfer going on; they are telling you that this recipe is a reflection of what my parents taught me, my grand parents, my region, my language, culture, and history. This is what I do, what I am good at; this is who I am and what I am and I would like to share it with you. This is why street food is so, so vital."

- Anthony Bourdain

. . .

/ for centuries, street food vendors around the world have provided sustenance to the working masses while simultaneously sustaining and fortifying their local food cultures. there's an immense amount of beauty in working within limitations - regional, economical, etc. - to create something so moving. with this tasting menu, we hope to honor the street cuisine of the many cultures that have inspired our love of artful and practical cooking.

Our fixed price tasting menu changes monthly and always features fresh, locally sourced ingredients. Each menu circulates around a specific theme and includes six specially designed courses. Listed price applies to the current menu and is subject to change with future offerings. An18% service charge is given to the staff or reinvested back into the restaurant at the employee's discretion.