Reservations are preferred for our dinner service! Walk-ins subject to availability and/or cancellations. Because we're a small space that relies heavily on reservations, you may incur a $25 dollar charge upon cancellation unless we hear from you 24 hours prior to your reservation and/or if we can't fill the seat. We seat one section at a time at 6pm, 7pm, and at 8pm on Friday, and Saturday.

Please read the info we send you after you make your reservation so we can ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience. While we'll try our best to accommodate dietary restrictions and allergies, we do utilize a shared kitchen. Most menu's will likely have dairy, gluten, and/or meat. Consuming under-cooked or raw meat and seafood will increase your chance of food-borne illness.



Prefer to make your reservation via phone? We're super awkward on the phone because millennials or something, but you can reach us. We'll pick up if one of us isn't on fire or something.

Call (651) 424-1080

Private events

If you'd like to buy us out for a night, please contact us by phone and we will get back to you to arrange the deets. 

The number is to the left. I'm not typing it again, that'd be weird.


Call (651) 424-1080 to talk to someone about whatever. Love, maybe?